barefoot training, anyone

Barefoot Training Suggestions
Training barefoot is a great practice and is entirely up to you.  It is not recommended that you jump into this type of training too hard and start running your streets with no shoes.  I would recommend proceeding with caution.  Try going barefoot in safe areas, like your own home, and then progress to the gym.  I started out living barefoot in my home at all times, and in other situations when appropriate.  Weight training and running routines are activities that I try to complete barefoot as well.  The important thing to remember is balance.  You don’t have to do this all the time; in fact it is not always safe!  Use common sense and you will be fine. 
Why Have I Included Barefoot Sessions In My Training?
I have had two major ankle sprains on the same ankle in the past 3 years.  Since I am a physical education teacher and want to make sure that I will have strong ankles for a long time I took an aggressive approach when rehabilitating my ankle.  All of the physiotherapy and strengthening exercises were completed barefoot, as prescribed by my physiotherapist.